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Keep On Fighting For Women’s Education In The World




Unfortunately, since being born women were treated very badly. This time was called jahiliyah. Every people felt in worst condition when they have baby girl. The mothers should accept the fact that they baby girl was killed or exiled.

Then, we knew Muhammad SAW as the bright light for every woman in the world. He opened people’s mind that baby boy and baby girl as a grace from the God. When the baby born people should carry out thanksgiving as gratitude of live being. Then, an adult girl was given the right to determine their husband. This was an extraordinary time of revolution.

One of the rights that women receive is that to achieve education. The more educated a woman is, the more it will give the best generations of the future. Formal education provides equal opportunities between men and women, the same space for expression and opinion, this is a great opportunity for women all over to the world.

Science continues to grow, never ending, new theories are born, new methods are born and new technological sophistication is born. So, the right to receive education must be a priority for women all over the world. Education becomes a tool for women’s struggle. education becomes a capital to build a better civilization.

So, in this moment of international women’s days, many things are struggled by women, but education is the main capital. Inspiring, motivating, and helping each other women in terms of education must be a shared spirit.

Warm greetings to women all over the world, happy international women’s day 2019.